WinningTipster offers free tennis picks for selected upcoming tennis matches. We are here to provide a profitable tennis bets that will earn our readers a substantial and consistent income from tennis. We treat betting not as "gambling" but as a high- yield investment with statistically calculated probabilities for each strategy and for each match.


    Betting System

    A number of tennis betting ideas (strategies) were risen based on common tennis knowledge and experience. Then, based on sophisticated statistical models (the tipster is a university degree holder in Statistics), these betting strategies were formalized, and then backtested on ATP/WTA tours 1996-2004 matches' data. Four most profitable strategies were selected to make real-money tennis picks. Every tennis pick provided by us is based on one of these four strategies, and it has a strong positive statistical expectancy.  For a More Detailed Info on Our Betting System click here



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     2005-2019 Results


     starting balance (10-Jan-05)1,000 Euros 

     current balance 126,714 Euros

     number of picks 1,285

     yield 8%



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